In my philosophy, we should embrace the curiosity and experimentation of a white belt and keep that mentality as we mature. For this reason, I do not adhere to the color belt system.

Perpetual White Belt is my philosophy after many years of study and training, I have found that there will always be new techniques, methodologies and philosophies to try and learn.

This site is a representation of all the work I have put into developing my own

personal style of martial arts practice. This is my digital manuscript.

This is also my open platform to share and discuss the martial arts with

humility, respect and an open mind.

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Taekwondo, Brazilian Jujutsu, Muay Thai, Judo, Boxing, Balintawak, Pekiti Tirsia, Capoeira, Fencing, Karate, Wushu, Staff, Nunchuck, Sword, Stick, Knife, Rock, Paper, Scissors...

There are 9 ways to skin a cat, and 9,000 ways to practice fighting. I have been training in the Martial Arts since 2005. Along the way, I have encountered many different styles, languages and cultures behind each of them. And, in everyone of them, I was starting as some sort of white belt.


In the beginning, I thought that attaining my blackbelt in TKD and training for 6 years meant that I was a skilled fighter. Then, I joined an MMA school and got the beating of my life.

Seriously, I was humbled.

In retrospect, I realized that all of these different styles were definitely valid, but only within their own context of history or rules of sport, or practicality of safety in practice. I believe that some of the traditional forms that I learned were taught poorly and separated from their true historical context and purpose.


I found that the many different styles actually held advanced principles, but with the assumption that you already knew how to brawl like an American boxer. Unfortunately, brawling is what real fighting looks like. It may certainly not look as pretty as Chinese KungFu / Wushu, and Yea it is very intimidating at first.

However, today we have the training technology that our ancestors could only dream of; like boxing gloves, mouth guards and headgear. So, we ought to take full advantage of these tools and we must begin by studying that closely. 


Once we conceptually understand what real fighting looks and feels like; we can easily see the context and purpose of particular training methods. After becoming well acquainted with that, we will seek fighting strategy with humility and open minds. 

Join me on my journey and see what I have learned so far.



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